11 Jan, 2017

Snow Action Plan

With the weather not being at it's best and the prospect of possible snow looms, we need to be prepared if school needs to close in the event of snow causing traffic or health and safety issues. Within school, there is a plan in place if a decision is made to close the school. Below are excerpts from that plan that relate to parents/carers:

If a decision is made to close the school:

  • Parents will be informed along with relevant information posted to our website and other online communication outlets, i.e. Facebook, Twitter
  • Bus companies will be contacted to see which, if any, services will be operating.
  • Students should not use their mobile phones to contact parents unless/until they are instructed to do so
  • Once bus information is received, it will be posted online and a text will be sent to parents. Pupils will be informed via their form teachers.

In the event of the school buses not being able to come because of adverse weather conditions, and/or the school having to close early, please could you indicate on PAGE 4 in your son/daughter’s journal how you would like your son/daughter to get home.