Tiller & Hobs provide the Catering Service at St Peter’s Catholic High School.

There are two main dining halls, KS3 (for Years 7, 8 and 9) and KS4 (for Years 10 & 11). Both serve a variety of food to pupils and staff.

Break time service is in both dining halls and is from 10:55am-11:10am.

The lunch time service is open from 12:50pm-13:40pm.

The KS3 dining hall is also open for breakfast 8am-9am to everyone, serving light healthy snacks and hot toasted items along with hot and cold drinks. This is ideal for students who arrive at school early.

For Years 7, 8 and 9 the Drama Theatre space is used as an overspill at busy times.

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 can purchase food from the outside Dine Pod (this overlooks the KS4 covered area). At the moment Y7 and Y8 students will not be able to purchase food from the Dine Pod.       

Menus and prices are displayed in all the dining hall spaces and can also be found on our website.

Students are encouraged to sit in the dining hall to eat their meals; this also supports reducing rubbish accumulation outside and around the site. Students who bring a packed lunch with them are welcome to eat in the dining hall with their friends.

We offer a cashless system for purchasing food and refreshments. This makes the food service faster and easier. Finger print recognition is used so a student can’t lose cards or forget pin numbers, however a code can be provided if you prefer. We advise all parents to top up their child’s account online using the SCOPay online payment system. This saves students queuing at busy times to load cash into the pay loaders at school. We set a daily spend limit of £7.00, however this can be lowered if you request it.

A free school meal is £2.36 from Sept 2020 (increasing to £2.40 from Sept 2021). This will automatically be uploaded onto your child’s account on a daily basis, but will not accumulate if not spent. The amount can be used at break or lunch. As this is uploaded automatically to your child’s food account, other students will not know that this is a free school meal. Parents are free to top up with more if they so wish. The top up amount will stay on your child’s account if unspent.

Pre-orders of food Pre-order forms will be available for both hot and cold lunch meal offers from both the Main Dining Room and the Bistro outlets, should pupils and staff wish to pre-order food for collection. Please ask the canteen staff for further details. We request that all orders required for lunch must be placed for and paid for either on arrival to school or during Breakfast service.



How Does The Cashless System Work?

Students must remember to:

  • Top up regularly so that you have enough money on your account to buy food.
  • Respect others in the dining hall when queuing for food and eating.
  • Put litter and food waste into the bins provided.

Leave tables clean and tidy.



CLICK HERE to download the current price lists