The following documents give guidance on how you should conduct yourself in examinations, prepare the coursework for some exams and when work is being done under “Controlled Assessment” conditions.

Exams Guidance


Results will be available as follows:

Exam Season Date of Results
Summer 20th August 2020


Post Results Information

After receiving your results if you have tried your best and worked really hard you will be happy with the result you have achieved.
If you are unhappy with your result you need to speak to your subject teacher as soon as possible to discuss a grade query.

If you and your teacher decide to make an enquiry about your result there are 3 possible outcomes:

  • Your original mark will be confirmed as correct and there will be no change to your grade
  • Your original mark may be raised and this may or may not result in a change of grade
  • Your original mark may be lowered and this may or may not result in a change of grage

The deadline for processing enquiries about results is not available at this time. Please contact the Exams Officer for further details.