14 January 2017

Today began with excitement and trepidation as, one by one, Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 boys took to the field in Widnes to face rivals from the area in the hope of bringing home the silverware. Spurred on by good luck messages on our social media sites and a raft of support at the stadium itself, the day was in no way a disappointment as 3 out of the 5 teams rose to victory. All 5 teams have worked tremendously hard to get to this stage and having all five year groups in the final is amazing.

We at St Peter's are immensely proud of the teams and those who have supported them. A huge achievement both personally and for the school.

Year 7 - St Peter's vs. William Beamont

FINAL SCORE: St Peter's 18-14 William Beamont
Man Of The Match: J Winstanley

Year 8 - St Peter's vs. St Peter & Paul

FINAL SCORE: St Peter's 32-10 St Peter & Paul
Man Of The Match: T Campbell

Year 9 - St Peter's vs. Wade Deacon

FINAL SCORE: Wade Deacon 38-4 St Peter's

Year 10 - St Peter's vs. St Edmund Arrowsmith

FINAL SCORE: St Peter's 36-10 St Edmund Arrowsmith
Man Of The Match: S Burns

Year 11 - St Peter's vs. Haydock

FINAL SCORE: Haydock 34-20 St Peter's