16 March 2021

Decision to cancel the 2020 Leavers’ Dinner


Dear Class of 2020,

When we had to postpone the 2020 Leavers’ Dinner following the announcement of the first lockdown it was my fervent hope that we would be able to re-arrange this event at least no later than the Summer term of 2021. Having reviewed the government’s roadmap for the release of lockdown it has become apparent that we cannot organise this event with any certainty for even the end of this term. Whilst there is a suggestion that many legal restrictions may be removed by 21st June at the earliest, this is not set in stone and could be pushed back. There will only be 7 days’ notice of this decision.  Also, it is not clear what restrictions venues might need to have to be ‘Covid secure’, what capacity or activities will be allowed or what restrictions in terms of testing or vaccination venues might put in place. It is not clear what public health view there would be of bringing together a large number of young people now in different settings just ahead of families’ summer holiday plans.

It has also been pointed out to me by several families that until we announce the cancellation of the event they cannot access refunds for monies paid to various companies and that the money would be very useful at what is a difficult time for some families.

With all this in mind I have taken the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 leavers’ Dinner. I am so disappointed, as I know some of you will be that we have had to take this decision. I don’t want to raise hopes for them to be disappointed again, or to ask you to commit money to something that may not be able to happen. I hope you understand that we have held off making this decision in the hope that it would be feasible to plan something with certainty.

I wish you every future success and happiness.

Mr. McGlown