12 Jan, 2015

Y11 CAFOD Fundraising

Over the past few months,  Yr 11 Accelerated Learning group have been very busy doing lots of things for our school community as well as the wider community.
We have organised and taken part in several fundraisers including the recent, extremely successful, CAFOD campaign when we raised a record £1,070 . We did this by holding a ‘Hunger Lunch’ in the drama theatre,  many students and staff  agreed to donate their usual lunch money for a simple sandwich. We raised awareness of the lunch through assemblies for all year groups and by visiting form rooms to encourage and raise awareness of  this years  ‘Come Dine With Me’ theme. We also designed and  created many promotional posters which we placed all round school, these included  thermometers for each year group to encourage and show success of each group.
We have already organised a party for the Senior Citizens of our community, everything is planned and ready to go, hopefully for early January, Watch this space!
We are currently organising our next campaign, which will raise awareness of the homeless and needy in our community. Our new campaign is called, ’Can 4 Christmas’, we are asking every member of our school community to bring at least one item of non-perishable food which we will donate to the Brick Centre nearer Christmas. Again we have worked together to create an assembly that will motivate and educate the students and staff of St Peters about the plight of those less fortunate than ourselves.
Through our work during the past few months we have gained many new skills and our aim is to continue to build on these. We feel we really have entered into the Christian ethos of St. Peters which is spoken in our evening prayer at the end of each day,
‘Thank you Lord for enabling us to show our faith and friendship through the serving community that is our school’