05 Feb, 2015

Runshaw BakeOff

Two GCSE Food Technology pupils took up the challenge to be Bake Off Champion at Runshaw College this week. They were asked to design a tea party of their choice which had to include two scones, two cakes, a sandwich and a cup of tea to accompany this.

Out of 28 entries they made it into the final 6!

The finalist had the chance to go to Runshaw College and use their training restaurant to bring to life their creations. The two girls produced an outstanding Mad Hatters Tea Party theme which included an Around Wonderland sandwich with homemade pastry, a White Rabbit Surprise cupcake, A Blueberry Absolem cupcake and two Queen of Heart scones. This was all washed down with a cup of refreshing strawberry lemonade tea.

The girls did fantastically well and although they didn't win everyone had a great evening which ended with taste testing the delights afterwards. Well done girls!

Runshaw BakeOff