02 Oct, 2015

Open Evening - A great success

On the 31st September 2015, we held our annual open evening for Y6 pupils and parents interested in becoming a part of our community next year. Y11 prefects returned to school at 5.30pm and volunteered their time to help guide families around the school and make them feel welcome. Staff from every department set up entertaining activities in each classroom in order to interest each family and give them a taste of what life here at St Peter’s is like. Teachers were on hand over the course of the night to answer any questions the visitors may have had, and a speech given by Mr McGlown took place and informed the parents further of how their child will develop through attending our school. The evening was a great success, and our prefects and staff received numerous positive comments from parents praising our school and efforts to make the evening enjoyable for all.

R Hart (Y11)