26 Feb, 2016

Year 9 Options 2016

Pupils in Year 9 are currently in the process of choosing the subjects they might like to study in Years 10 and 11. Each child has been assigned to an Options Pathway which guides their choices based on their prior attainment, progress through KS3 and their potential to make progress and achieve at the end of KS4.

There was a typing error on the original set of option forms that were distributed before half term. New forms for pupils on Pathway A were issued to pupils in Year 9 on Tuesday 24th February with a covering letter for their parents. The documents on this website have had the typing error removed and are an accurate representation of our current Year 9 Options Process.

Pupils are encouraged to talk to their parents and staff about their thoughts regarding their option choices. If parents/guardians have any queries please contact Mr Santus Head of Year 9.

Click here to access the Year 9 Options 2016 documents. They can also be found in the Students menu and Parents menu above.