27 Apr, 2016

Year 8 art pupils in Archdiocese exhibit

Four of our budding Year 8 artists have taken part in a competition run by the Liverpool Archdiocese.
Their task was to produce a piece of work that captured spirituality in St Peter's. The entries will be exhibited in the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral along with entries from other schools in the Archdiocese.

All 4 pupils worked really hard using all of their spare time at lunch to take the photographs and edit them using Adobe Photoshop. The proved themselves to be very ambitious and committed during the task.

Here, the four pupils describe their ideas and creative process behind their work:


"My photograph represents St. Peter’s Christian faith and our school family. My picture was taken with members of my form to illustrate what Christian faith is all about. To us, Christian faith is about caring, sharing and loving one another and that is why I have tried to incorporate this into my photo. As well as this I have photographed a tree from the school gardens for my background. This is to show that as you grow and develop your faith blossoms like the flowers on the tree."


"My photograph represents spirituality within our school. This is because eyes symbolise understanding and in our school we understand friendship, learning, serving and Christian faith. This is why they are key words in our mission statement.

Our mission statement structures our school lives helping people to choose the right path in life. The shield images represent our school community as one big team. It shows that we are one and stay together no matter what.

Within the shield image there are shaking hands which show equality at St Peter’s. There is also two people writing which shows we never give up and we are a hardworking school. The cross images on the right side represent our strong religious faith. The eye in the photograph is blue which represents God’s creations like the sea and sky."


"I chose lots of different flowers to represent how no two pupils are the same here at St Peter’s. Just like flowers, we all have different looks. Even though they might be the same type of flower, they all have different aspects, and that’s what makes them beautiful, just like our individuality is beautiful to God. The flowers also represent God’s creations, because he also created us.

I chose the centre photo to show how hope, peace, love and joy are all interlinked, just like God’s love for us and our love for him is interlinked. You can never undo them."


"My image symbolizes friendship within the school community; the image has two people in the middle, one very upset, and the other caring for her. The message behind my image is simple- no matter your race, gender, hair colour; eye colour, problem, age or even intelligence, there will always be someone willing to help at st. Peter’s. You will never be alone. There will be an ear to listen, open arms to comfort, eyes that will see through problems, and a light at the end of the tunnel."