Welcome to the Art Department

Art at St Peter’s is an exciting, practical and inspiring subject.  Our aim is to provide all pupils with a rich and varied Art experience which both engages and challenges.

Pupils learn to work individually and collaboratively developing their technical, analytical and critical understanding in a stimulating environment where creativity, imagination and invention are nurtured and celebrated.

The Art Curriculum – Key Stage 3

The course consists of three projects per year in Years 7 and 8, and two more sustained projects in Year 9.




Year 7

Year 8

Year 9














Year 7 - 2 x 50 MINUTES

Year 8 - 1 x 50 MINUTES

Year 9 - 1 x 50 MINUTES


The theme of each project is explored through a variety of techniques, processes and media and usually results in the realization of a final outcome or outcomes.  Pupils work in sketchbooks using first hand observations, experiences and their imagination to create meaningful work which expresses their ideas and feelings in a creative and imaginative way.  

Each project is underpinned with a strong critical and contextual element which requires pupils to analyse the work of other artists, using this research to further their own ideas and work.

The Art Curriculum – Key Stage 4

Pupils receive one single and one double lesson per week and are taught in mixed ability groups. 

Year 11 pupils follow the AQA Art and Design (4201) or Photography (4206) course.

Year 10 pupils follow the AQA Art, Craft and Design (8201) or Photography (8206) course.

All of the above courses are split into two components; the ‘Portfolio’ and the ‘Externally Set Task / Assignment’. 

The ‘Portfolio’ (or coursework) is worth 60% of the final grade and is made up of two in depth practical projects which span Year 10 and the autumn term of Year 11.  Throughout this time a substantial body of practical work will be produced.

The ‘Externally Set Assignment (yr10)/ Task (yr11)’ (exam) is worth 40% of the final grade and begins in January of Year 11.  Pupils are expected to select and respond to a starting point provided by AQA.  There is a period of preparation time to investigate, research and fully explore the chosen theme.   This is then followed by 10 hours of supervised exam time, in which they will produce a final outcome.

Both preparation work and pieces produced in the supervised time are assessed as the ‘Externally Set Assignment / Task’.

For further information on the GCSE courses, please visit www.aqa.org.uk