Welcome to the Drama Department

The study of Drama helps to promote self-confidence, control and discipline in practical situations.  It helps to instil essential life skills such as communication, co-operation, and problem-solving, learning to work with others and being a team player.  The breadth and balance of the curriculum ensures that pupils are taught how to create, perform and respond to Drama by working with a variety of stimuli from different sources and traditions.

The department has a dedicated Drama Theatre which, as well as a teaching space, is used for all school productions and exams at Key Stage 4.  It has recently had a new stage lighting system installed and is also equipped with portable staging that can be used to form a variety of different shapes and levels in the performance area.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum At Key Stage 3 Drama is taught as a separate subject to years 7, 8 and 9.  Pupils receive 1, 50 minute lesson each week.  In Year 7 pupils also receive 1, 50 minute lesson of Dance.

Pupils are given the opportunity to perform in a variety of genres and experiment with different techniques for example improvisation, working with scripts, physical theatre techniques and a variety of styles in Dance.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum The department offers the following two subjects Edexcel GCSE Drama and   AQA GCSE Dance .Pupils receive 3X 50 minute lessons each week. GCSE Results are consistently excellent with 100% A* - C in both Drama and Dance.

Extra – Curricular The department provides activities to support and enhance the learning of pupils in and out of the lesson context.  These include:

Various theatre trips throughout the academic year for KS3 and KS4

Drama and Dance companies/professionals delivering workshops.  These include Rambert Dance Company and Trestle Theatre Company Artsaward KS4 performances. Drama plays a full part in the school.  The annual school production gives a great number of pupils the opportunity to be involved in a variety of ways.  Past productions have included ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘West Side Story’ to name but a few.

Past Productions

Our Day Out
Grease 2013