Welcome to the RE Department

The vision for the RE department stems from the whole school vision which is that pupils at St Peters will be” happy and successful”. It is our aim to teach lessons that pupils enjoy, to enable them to achieve success according to their potential and to recognise that in living the Gospel message every individual is called to fullness of life.

The aim is to develop the whole person through the pattern of daily prayer, the celebration of the sacraments and works of charity we seek to be a catechetical community where faith is shared and experienced.

Religious education plays a central part in the life of our school. We provide opportunities for all pupils to engage with the deepest questions about life. We encourage investigation and reflection by the pupils and we aim to develop appropriate skills and attitudes which promote informed and full responses to God`s call in everyday life. 

The RE team comprises 4 full time members of staff and 2 part time staff. The Department has five classrooms and is extremely well resourced.  We employ a variety of teaching and learning styles which include role play, creative skills, discussion and debate and ICT. The school chapel is used both for pastoral Collective Worship and during lessons to spend periods of quietness and reflection as part of spiritual development and faith journey. The display areas in the area are testimony to the excellence which is achieved when the pupils are given the opportunity to explore their ideas visually.

Key Stage Three Religious Education at Key Stage 3 is a successful and vital part of the curriculum at St Peters. We aim to promote an enquiry based curriculum that forms an excellent foundation for GCSE study. 

 In Year seven, eight and nine pupils will study a different aspect of the liturgical year. Throughout Key Stage Three, pupils develop a greater understanding of who Jesus was and his influence. Pupils will also learn about specific parts of the Old and New Testament and consider the different ways Christian’s interpret these texts. In years seven, eight and nine pupils study a world religion in detail. In year seven pupils study Hinduism. During Year eight pupils study Judaism and during Year nine pupils study the religion of Islam. 

 It is our responsibility to make conscious and concerted efforts to ensure that the spiritual needs of pupils are not only recognised, but fulfilled. Throughout key stage three pupils are encouraged to share and reflect upon their own views, whatever stage they may be on their journey of faith. Opportunities for reflection in class or in the chapel are an important part of the curriculum at Key Stage Three which is judged to be “outstanding” by OFSTED.

 At Key Stage 4 Religious Studies looks at life issues, relationships, faith and its  practices, moral dilemmas and contemporary issues which affect our lives and the  way we live them.  This subject is compulsory by law and as a Catholic school we feel it is vital to give students the opportunity to explore their faith and to develop  their own spirituality.  An examination also enhances the academic progress of pupils and our success is “outstanding”.

Extra Curricula activities within the RE department.

At St Peters there is a programme of religious retreats for years 7,8 and 9 which focus on themes including personal growth, team work, co-operation which give our pupils the opportunity for prayer and reflection.  Whole School Mission enables staff and pupils alike to explore their faith within the context of their other lessons. Religious retreats to Savio House and Walsingham give pupils a chance to reflect upon their life and learn about significant places of pilgrimage. We have a bienial trip to Rome and we accept invitations by various organisations to take part in youth conferences run by CARJ and CYMFED. As well as trips we invite speakers into school to talk to pupils about a wide range of religious and moral issues.

Religious Education at St Peters has recently been judged by OFSTED as outstanding.