Welcome to the Design Technology Department

Our aim is to offer the opportunity to understand the role that design and technologies play in today’s world and to provide a stimulating environment where pupils will have the opportunity to work in a safe, informed, skilful and creative manner. We aim to arouse curiosity, ingenuity and imagination through problem-solving activities, develop manipulative skills, confidence and enjoyment through practical design briefs and encourage co-operation and a questioning and discriminative attitude.

We hope that pupils will develop an appreciation and respect for other peoples needs and that we can raise their awareness of technology in preparation for a more technological society, developing an understanding of economics and commercial and industrial production.

The faculty has dedicated workshops for Construction, Electronics, Engineering, Food, Graphic Design, Product Design/Textiles and Resistant Materials. In addition we have a 20 station ICT suite and the faculty also has two laser cutters, a 3D printer, Sublimation printing facilities and further computer controlled machinery. There is also a fully equipped Engineering workshop with centres lathes, a brazing hearth and a milling machine.

There are five full time staff;

In Y7 pupils study an introductory course in five subjects namely Electronics, Food, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Product Design, spending 7 weeks in each area and allowing pupils to experience all aspects of technology. Y8 and Y9 are regarded as one block of time giving 13 weeks in each area, in order to allow pupils to develop their subject skills and knowledge further. Y9 concludes with a focussed task which involves pupils using all their previously acquired skills and knowledge to realise their design brief.

Technology is optional at KS4 with, on average, approximately half of the pupils choosing to take a technology and achieving very good results on a consistent basis. All of the subjects listed above are offered as full GCSE’s with the exception of Product Design (currently not offered at GCSE level) and Construction which is a BTec course.