Launch Remote Access

Our remote access facility allows pupils and staff to log in to the school network and use our facilities from home as if they were in school. This means school-related work can be done without the need to email work home or use USB pen drives. It also means users do not have to have the programs we use in school at home.


To use remote access, you need to have Internet Explorer installed on your home computer. As we have a Microsoft-based network, other browsers are not compatible (see below for solutions for those using other browsers). Windows operating systems (including Windows 10) come with Internet Explorer pre-installed.

  1. Click on the "Launch Remote Access" link above to open the remote access page and sign-in with your username and password you use in school - you need to preceed your username with sp\
  2. Once accepted, you will see an icon on your screen called Remote Access. Click this and you will receive a second login box (you may receive a security warning before this, on which you should click Connect).
  3. Enter your login details again and click ok. A window will open and, once logged on, you will see the desktop you are used to in school.

When you have finished working, log off as normal and your connection will be closed.

Technical Support

For a list of current issues and information regarding remote access, please click here.
If you have any other problems with remote access not listed on the current issues page, please see our IT Support page for contact information.

Windows 10 users - The remote access facility does not support the new Microsoft Edge browser. However, Internet Explorer is still shipped with Windows 10 so if you search your system for Internet Explorer and use that, remote access will work as normal.

Mac users - click here for instructions on downloading and configuring Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

iPad users - click here for instructions on downloading and configuring the Microsoft Remote Desktop app