St Peter’s LRC aims to promote a spirit of enquiry and to encourage the development of proactive, independent learners who can confidently access all materials to support their learning.
Everyone in the school community is welcome to use the facilities in the LRC.  The LRC is split into three areas: A dedicated ICT suite, a central library area, and an ICT resource area.
The Learning Resource Centre aims to:

  • Provide up-to-date resources that are relevant to pupils and staff using a range of  different media
  • Cater for all ability levels in the provision of fiction titles for pupils to borrow
  • Encourage reading for pleasure and hold a book fair to promote such reading
  • Engage author/poet visits to highlight events such as National Poetry Day and World Book Day
  • Provide a daily newspaper, a weekly children’s newspaper and magazines.

LRC1 is a new dedicated ICT classroom with 31 PCs and a large 4K TV for the teacher.

The ICT resource area comprises nineteen PCs linked to the school network and provides security-protected Internet access, a projector, and a whiteboard.

The LRC is centrally located within the school and is available for individuals, small groups and whole classes.

The LRC hosts several weekly clubs, including Social Club, Boardgame Club, Jigsaw Club and Homework Club.


Mrs M Corley (LRC Manager / Teacher of Literacy)