Students & Parents

Welcome to our Students & Parents area.

The menus above will lead to you useful information including our Careers area for students and links to GCSEPod for revision, and Online Payments and information about School Gateway for parents.

Information will also be posted below for both students and parents:


EXAM TIMETABLES - Timetables for upcoming examinations will be posted here and updated regularly.

EXAM INFORMATION - Important information regarding our exam procedures, appeals, etc.

GCSE REFORMS 2018 - A parents' guide to the new GCSE reforms this year


YEAR 9 OPTIONS 2018 - All information regarding this year's Options, including Pathway information


YEAR 11 GUIDANCE EVENING 2018 - Presentations specifically for Year 11 parents/students about this important year

TIPS FOR SUCCESS 2018 - Download our tips for getting through exams successfully

YEAR 11 PLAN FOR AFTER HALF TERM - A timetable for when Year 11 students should attend after the May Half Term. Please also see the letter dated 21/05/2018 on the parents' Letters page for further details on the June/July arrangement.


SCHOOL CANTEEN - Our school canteen has a variety of menu options each week. Click the link to see what's on offer.

TFGM BUS TIMETABLES - The latest timetables for all buses serving St Peter's.

YELLOW SCHOOL BUS APPLICATION PORTAL 2018 - The application portal for a place on the Yellow School Bus service is open from Monday, 4th June to Saturday, 30th June