We are currently ranked in the top 1% of PE departments in the country.

Head of Department: Miss A Jackson

The PE department at St. Peter's provides a high-quality P.E curriculum which enables all pupils to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity.


National Curriculum Aims:

At Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, pupils have 2 100 minute lessons over the two-week timetable. They undertake a wide variety of activities throughout the year.



Physical Education is also offered as an option subject at Key Stage 4. Two pathways of study are offered to pupils which include GCSE PE and a Cambridge National Certificate in Sports Studies.


Cambridge National

This is a course that involves completing four units – 3 of which are coursework and one is a written exam which is on contemporary issues in Sport. The three coursework units include: Developing Sports Skills, Sports Leadership and Developing knowledge and skills in Outdoor activities.

This qualification enables learners to:




Overview of specification


Assessment overview


Component 1:

Physical factors affecting



  Applied anatomy and


Physical training

Multiple choice, short answer, and extended answer questions

Written paper

1 hour

60 marks


Component 2:

Socio-cultural issues and

sports psychology


  Socio-cultural influences

Sports psychology

Health, fitness and


Multiple choice, short answer, and extended answer questions


Written paper

1 hour

60 marks


Component (03):

Performance in physical



Practical activity



One must be a team activity

One must be an individual activity

The final can be a free choice from the activity list


60 marks



Personal Exercise Programme

(Written Coursework)

Analysing and Evaluating

Performance (AEP)

The assessment consists of students producing a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP).


20 marks


PE - Core Timetables

Where does it lead?

GCSE PE allows pupils to continue to study the subject at A-level or BTEC. It could lead to careers in personal training, apprenticeships in sport and medical disciplines such as physiotherapy.

Extra Curricular

St Peter's PE department is highly successful in extra-curricular activities and year on year have consistently achieved the highest levels. A wide of range of sporting opportunities are open to all pupils in the school and a large number of teams participate in matches against other schools. Teams are entered for local, regional and national competitions/ tournaments in Rugby League, Football, Netball, Hockey, Cross Country, Athletics, Girls Football, Girl Rugby, Rounders, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Dance and Trampolining.

The PE department also hosts an annual Sports Day, Primary Mini Olympics and we run a Sports Tour to Holland and a whole school Ski trip to the USA.

Updated: Dec 2021